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Orma Hammond - Artist
Art always has been a major interest in Orma's life.  She took oil painting classes and sold a few paintings when her children were young.  One of her earliest influences was Vincent Van Gogh.  After seeing a Van Gogh exhibit in 1970, Orma was inspired to paint thickly textured paintings.  She experimented with a palette knife to achieve the effect she was looking for.   However, career and other life obligations kept her from completely focusing on her love of art.  It would be 20 years before Orma rediscovered it.  On a trip to France,  Orma visited Monet's garden at Giverny.  It was there she met an art instructor and enrolled in his class.  She  spent two weeks painting in Monet's garden and around Giverny.  It was the inspiration she needed to develop an art career in her retirement years.
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Still Life
Monet's Garden